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This manual, like OpenMPT itself, was created by a group of voluntary contributors to be able to offer a single, well-written, consistent and up-to-date help document for OpenMPT. It is largely based on the original works of Harbinger and his Offline Help Manual, which he wrote over the course of many years.

It is very well possible that this manual still contains mistakes, incomplete or hard to understand sections. Errors do not fix themselves, so you are invited to join our wiki at where you can edit, fix and extend the manual’s source. If you have a question about the manual, you can also ask for clarifications on our forums.

OpenMPT is or has been maintained by:

Name Years of activity Contact (@opеnmpt.өrg)
Johannes Schultz 2008 - 2019 sagamusix
Jörn Heusipp 2012 - 2019 manx
Ahti Leppänen 2005 - 2011 relabs
Robin Fernandes 2004 - 2007 rewbs
Sergiy Pylypenko 2007 pelya
Eric Chavanon 2004 - 2005 ericus
Trevor Nunes 2004 plastik_s
Olivier Lapicque 1997 - 2003 olivier

Further code has been contributed by coda, kode54, Revenant and xaimus. Please do not contact developers personally with your questions, bug reports and feature requests. Use our community to get in touch!

This manual has been generated on June 16, 2019.