Manual: Clipboard Manager

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Clipboard Manager dialog

The Clipboard Manager is used to configure and switch between OpenMPT’s internal pattern clipboards. You can set any number of internal clipboards using the edit box at the bottom of the dialog and switch between clipboards by clicking an entry in the clipboard list.

Copying pattern data or order selections in the Pattern Editor places them in the current internal clipboard and in the operating system’s text clipboard. When pasting, OpenMPT always reads the system clipboard first, and if it could not find any pattern data in it, it falls back to reading the current internal clipboard. Switching to another internal clipboard copies its contents into the system clipboard.

Double-click a clipboard to change its name; Use the Enter key to confirm, or ESC to abort.

It is also possible to cycle through the internal clipboard using keyboard shortcuts without having to open the Clipboard Manager. By default, these are Ctrl+Shift+Left and Ctrl+Shift+Right.