Manual: Command-line Parameters

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In addition to specifying any number of module files to open, the following command-line parameters can be specified when launching OpenMPT:

  • /debugCrashHandler: Allow debugging OpenMPT's own crash handler by not installing it globally as an unhandled exception filter but instead install it explicitly only for the main GUI thread using __try blocks. This disables the crash handler for non-GUI threads.
  • /fullMemDump: If OpenMPT crashes, it creates a full memory dump instead of just a stack dump.
  • /noCrashHandler: OpenMPT will not install its own crash handler and instead have the system default handler display any crash messages.
  • /noLogo: Suppresses the OpenMPT logo on startup.
  • /noDls: OpenMPT will not load any DLS or SF2 soundfonts during startup.
  • /noAssembly: All MMX/SSE/3DNow!-accelerated routines are disabled.
  • /noPlugs: OpenMPT will not load any plugins.
  • /noSysCheck: Skips the check on startup that verifies that the current system (i.e. processor features and Windows version) is capable of running the current OpenMPT build variant.
  • /noWine: Disable all Wine detection and work-arounds for problems when running OpenMPT on Wine. Caution: Specifying /noWine may result in OpenMPT not behaving as intended. Only use when told to do so by the OpenMPT developers.
  • /portable: Portable mode is enforced.
  • /shared: Passes the specified module files to an existing OpenMPT instance rather than launching a new instance.