Manual: Pattern Properties

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Pattern Properties dialog

The Pattern Properties dialog can be opened from the Pattern Editor, e.g. by clicking the question mark icon in the toolbar or by clicking the pattern number in the upper-left corner of the pattern display (#0 or similar). It is not available for MOD and S3M files, as the pattern length is fixed in those formats.

Pattern Size[edit]

To change the number of rows in the pattern, either type the number into the text field, or click on the menu arrow to choose from a list. Pattern lengths from 1 to 1024 rows are supported. To quickly halve or double the number of rows, click on the “/2” or “x2” buttons. If you are reducing the number of rows, and there is event data in the rows that are being deleted, you will be alerted that this data will be lost, and you can back out if necessary.

Time Signature[edit]

For MPTM tracks, you can enable per-pattern Time Signatures by setting the “Override” checkbox. Then enter the Rows per Beat and Rows per Measure values that you want to apply to this pattern only.

In Modern tempo mode, the duration of the rows contributing to a beat can be configured by clicking the Configure Swing button, which will open the Tempo Swing Settings dialog. This way, swinging rhythms can be created automatically without the help of pattern commands.

At the bottom is a reminder of the pattern you are modifying, the current number of rows, and the amount of memory it consumes.