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Resample dialog

Using the Resample dialog, a sample’s playback frequency can be changed without altering its pitch. This option can be applied to sample selections as well, but compared to the unselected audio material, the selection’s playback speed will be changed, while the sample frequency remains unchanged.

The Resample dialog can be called from the Sample editor.

Using the Resampler[edit]

  • Using the first two radio buttons, you can quickly either double (upsample) or halve (downsample) the sample rate. When resampling all samples simultaneously, each sample′s sample rate will be doubled or halved accordingly, so the displayed sample rate is only an indication for the current sample slot.
  • Otherwise, you may also specify a custom target sample rate by entering it into the input field.
  • Filter: Lets you choose the interpolation filter to be applied while resampling. In addition to OpenMPT’s built-in filters (which are the same as those used for regular sample playback), there is also the r8brain resampler (default), which offers very high quality sample rate conversions using the Voxengo r8brain sample rate conversion library.
  • Adjust Offset Commands in Patterns tries to update any offset commands found in patterns that refer to this sample. Offset commands affected by the High Offset (SAx / XAx) cannot be updated properly.